Ultimate Guide to Fabricating and Selling a Gift Basket

A gift basket is a customizable and versatile gift idea. It conveys different messages on different occasions. Its components are interchangeable and extremely beautiful. Selling gift baskets is profitable, especially during holidays. If you’re new in the gift industry, or a veteran who wants to increase sales, read our guide to get off to a good start.

Preparing Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are easy and fun to assemble. When it comes to selecting baskets and their contents, you have plenty of leeway.


A gift basket has exquisite themes – holiday gourmet, teen birthday, newborn gift, etc. Choose several gifts and buy suitable gift-wrappers. Focus your marketing efforts on the preferred theme.

Prepare Templates

Before you gather supplies, prepare a list of basket designs. Define each design and use this info to create titles and product descriptions. If you need some ideas, see Bundle & Twine’s gift baskets.


Arrange the contents neatly to add an artistic touch. Experiment with various patterns. Cello wraps and shrink wraps come in a range of styles, including plastic, printed and tinted. Finish off the arrangement with bows, cords and raffia.

Take Pictures

Photos can sink or sell your merchandise. Use adequate lighting and take photos from different angles. Close-up shots of the unwrapped gift basket and its contents spice things up.

Listing Gift Baskets

Attractive photos and descriptive copies make gift baskets desirable.

Attention-Catching Title

Grab the attention of buyers using catchy titles. Add product-related information and keywords to the title.

Product Specifications

Each basket is unique in size and weight. Other dimensions include height, width and depth. Describe the products inside the basket. Specify sizes, brands, uses and other fascinating details. Exclude offensive items and perishable goods. Include a card with a nice theme and special message.

Selling Format

Auction-style listings fetch better prices. But it’s a slow-selling tactic. Fixed-price listings are non-negotiable but speed up the sale.

Shipping Method

Offer several shipping methods – overnight, standard or next-day delivery. Costs vary depending on the shipment method. Free shipping entices shoppers to purchase your gift baskets.

Post-Sale Tasks

Once you get an order, deliver the gift basket to the buyer or designated recipient. This increases the likelihood of repeat business and positive feedback.

Forms of Payment

PayPal is a convenient and popular way to be paid if you sell online. Consider other forms of payment like cash, credit cards and money transfers.

Packaging for Shipment

Most gift baskets are bulky and oddly shaped. Have a right-size packing box to hold the basket in place during shipping. Use bubble wraps to secure baskets with fragile contents. You want the basket to reach its destination in pristine condition.

Drop-Off the Package

Schedule package pick-ups from your home or drop off the package at mailing centres.

Feedback and Response

Buyers may ask questions about the gift basket once they receive it. Respond promptly and professionally. Ask for a referral and encourage the customer to leave positive feedback. Negative feedback is a sign of poor service or substandard gifts. Raise your game to retain customers.

Now you’re ready to make a quick and big sale of gift baskets.