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Solar Trade

Lucrative Solar Business Opportunities

More and more people are getting aware of the needs to preserve and protect the environment, which leads to the emergence of many green movements. And the switch to solar energy is probably one of the most popular trends all over the world. Obviously, the business world doesn’t want to miss out this golden opportunity. Below are profitable ideas that you should consider to make a fortune.

Sell solar equipment

It is estimated that the solar industry is a billion-dollar market as there are a variety of products that can utilise or operate with solar energy such as solar panels, solar thermal devices, solar cooling equipment, and. This is not to mention other components that involve in the process of building and running such systems. Thus, you will have many opportunities to be a seller and get profits from the solar power movement.

Manufacture solar products

With the popularity of advanced technologies, anybody would easily become an entrepreneur to create their own solar businesses. All you need to do is to find a suitable location, raise the capital, create a careful business plan, and gather a group of experts who specialise in solar projects such as contractors and consultants. With increasing demand, it is not difficult to find your clients and grow a successful solar manufacturing company.

Distribute solar products

As more and more companies manufacture solar products, they need good distributors to bring or transport their materials and final products to the market. This is especially a good opportunity for those who are experienced in logistics service and have an extensive network of intermediaries and customers.

Offer third-party services

In addition to selling tangible products like MDB solar panels, you can also sell those services that are provided by other firms such as solar financing, solar cleaning and solar insurance. While this market requires little capital resources, you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience.

Clean solar panels

It is essential to know that clean solar panels can generate more electricity than those dirty units. Thus, many businesses which switch to the use of solar energy are in constant demands to hire a cleaning service to keep their system always in the best condition.

Repair solar panels

While solar systems can last for many years, it still requires some frequent maintenance to keep them operating properly. Especially when your solar panels get old, it would need upgrades with wiring replacement, new inverters, or damage repairs after a storm.

Sell after-market devices

Once homeowners and businesses have installed solar systems or devices, they will need some products which can be used to enhance their yields or reduce the needs for cleaning. Of course, you can sell them alongside with major solar equipment required for the installation process as mentioned above. But it is still better to specialise in a niche market until your business gets mature enough.

Invent solar products

Are you an inventor who always tries to come up with new ideas? Then give a try at solar products as they have a huge potential to grow. Take a look at the existing devices or equipment in your house which need the power to run and think about how you would utilise solar energy to operate them.

Independent consultant

Many people and businesses want to install solar panels on their properties but don’t know how or where to start. In these cases, they will turn to experienced consultants who can give them useful guides through the whole process.

Energy auditor

The last business opportunity that you can make use of the solar power is to provide energy auditing service. Basically, you will give them the recommendation on how to reduce the electrical consumption.

Home Construction Guide

An Expert Guide to Home Construction

Buying, building or renovating a house? With years of experience in the construction industry, we know what it takes to create a comfortable home. For us, a dream home is economical to run, easy to modify, friendly to the environment and healthy to live in.


In Australia, housing affordability is an issue. One barrier to affordability is high building costs. Savvy citizens use cheap construction materials to reduce prices. Though you want to save some bucks, don’t sacrifice comfort and quality.

Liveable and Adaptable

People who build from scratch live in their homes for decades. Buyers prefer a shorter stay. Whatever the period, adaptable and livable homes are the in thing. Create a space that, at different times, acts as a home office, spare bedroom, family study or teenage retreat. If possible and affordable, build a large family home that’s split-able. As your family grows, consider expanding your existing structure.

Construction Systems

These are the materials used to build your home’s roof, floor and walls. There are many and diverse. Each has its benefits and drawbacks depending on climate, budget, maintenance requirements and desired style. When choosing materials, consider their durability, environmental impact, cost effectiveness, local availability and recycling potential.

Revolutionary Design

Design for climate – not looks alone. The passive design, using natural resources like the sun and wind, heats and cools the house. It’s achieved through orientation and shading. Seal your building against air leaks to reduce energy bills and improve comfort.

Green Roofs and Walls

“Living” structures support real flora. Plants improve a building’s appearance and performance. Live foliage creates a healthy, eco-friendly building and contributes to stormwater management, thermal performance, food production and biodiversity conservation. A green roof is a flat or pitched surface that’s planted completely or partially. Green walls, either internal or external, support plants rooted in growing mats or stacked pots.

Energy Saving

Australian households generate 20% of Australia’s carbon footprint. This could be minimised by:

  • Reducing energy use through energy-efficient technologies and good design.
  • Using renewable energy sources, especially solar and wind.
Heating and Cooling

Install an HVAC system. Gas heaters are better than electric ones as they produce fewer greenhouse gases. Solar heaters and heat shifters lower the amount of heating required. Evaporative coolers and fans are the cheapest cooling options.

Water Conservation

Australia is a dry continent. Besides inadequate rainfall, Australians are water guzzlers. We have to reduce the quantity of water we use and improve water quality through wastewater and stormwater management. Opt for water-efficient toilets, showerheads, taps and appliances. Using rainwater lowers water bills and maintains a green garden. Wastewater, either grey or black, is suitable for irrigation.

Waste Minimisation

Apply the 3R’s of waste management – reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce demand for materials by renovating. Reuse existing materials or components. Recycle materials instead of dumping them.

Hiring Builders

Not all builders are created equal. To find a quality builder, do online searches and ask for recommendations. It’s an added advantage if the builder has built multiple homes like the one you’re eyeing. Check for licensure and insurance.

Planning a new build or renovation? Kookaburra Homes, experts in house construction are amongst the top building companies in Adelaide. To read more about Kookaburra Homes visit their website. Also, keep up to date with news in the Adelaide building industry.

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